ul. Sosnowa 4, 67-300 Wiechlice

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Consalnet company has been developing on the wall decoration market since 2005, becoming more and more recognizable brand each year.

Our decorations are characterised by excellent quality of materials and print, resulting from best technology used in whole production process. Consalnet achieved wide sales success on both Polish and European markets. The brand is well-known worldwide. Consalnet branded products are valued by wholesalers, DIY stores, individual customers. Consalnet stands out from other brands due to its highest print quality, original and various collection of designs, vibrant colours, and professional service.
Our brand's products are primarily vivid colors, high print quality and original design, making them recognizable among products of various brands.

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Retail store

Welcome to our newly opened store.
Discounts up to 80% on all products.
Sosnowa 4, 67-300 Wiechlice

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Monday - Friday: 10.00:-16.00:XNUMX (XNUMXam-XNUMXpm),
Saturday: 9.00:14.00-XNUMX:XNUMX (XNUMXam-XNUMXpm)


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Commercial: +48 683 765 281
personnel: +48 683 760 988
Bookkeeping: +48 683 760 992
Stationary shop: +48 698 981 292
E-Business: +48 683 765 270

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